Fair Trade Artisan Visit

Angela Bailon at the Lake Champlain Waldorf School

We are so grateful to Angela Mercedes Bailon for taking the time to visit Vermont. Hearing her story was truly inspiring. It reminded us of what fair trade is all about: the producers, the farmers, the artisans.

She visited the Lake Champlain Waldorf School, spoke to classes at St. Michael’s College and Champlain College. She participated in a Fair Trade Cafe and Marketplace at St. Michael’s College, gave a presentation at the Peace & Justice Center and at Ten Thousand Villages. It is safe to say that each person she  met was touched by her story of hope.

Angela is a founding member of UPAVIM, (United for a Better Life), a fair trade artisan cooperative that was started to provide income and services to a struggling neighborhood in Guatemala City. The neighborhood, called Esparanza, (Hope), began as a slum with houses made of cardboard boxes. Thanks to UPAVIM, they now have a health clinic, day care, elementary school, bakery and artisan craft center. They stand as a powerful example of how fair trade can transform communities and fight poverty.

Fair Trade Cafe & Marketplace, St. Michael’s College:

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