Fair Trade Burlington Network is one of Vermont’s newest consumer movements.  As some of you may or may not know, Burlington became the 12th Fair Trade Town in the US in August 2009.  We are Burlington’s Fair Trade Town committee, which is supported by over 15 local businesses, places of worship, and individuals from our community.  We are part of an accruing national coalition of town organizations with community activists dedicated to the principles of fair trade.

What is fair trade?

  • An international movement to make trade fair for small producers in developing countries, supporting sustainable development, changes in corporate behavior and changes in international trade policies.
  • An alternative economic model to conventional trade, which offers farmers and workers in developing countries a better price for their products and improves terms of trade.
  • An opportunity to improve lives, and plan for the future.
  • A way for consumers to support better labor rights and environmental respect, as well as empower small producers through everyday shopping.

What are our goals?

  • Increase awareness of the successes and challenges within the Fair Trade Movement in Vermont by educating citizens, business owners, and community organizations.
  • Grow the availability of fair trade so that the products offered in stores reflect the values of Vermonters.
  • Connect with those who share a common goal: restoring the line of equity in our supply chain so that producers and their environments are treated with respect.
  • Work with local governments to increase business opportunities for fair trade products.

What can we do for you?

  • Host workshops, discussions, and classes at various locations (ex:  City Market, Peace & Justice Center, St. Micheal’s College, UVM, Essex Rotary, etc.).
  • Offer educational materials such as documentaries, brochures, and fair trade product samples and information.
  • Connect you to businesses in the area that support fair trade.

Stay in tune with Fair Trade Burlington Network through this blog and learn about educational opportunities in the area, community businesses and outlets for fair trade products, as well as local and national fair trade news.

Remember, “buy fair, buy local!”

Fairly yours,