Cocoa Campaign: Consumer Action

We need you to help us fight child labor in the cocoa supply chain. Join our campaign to educate consumers, to encourage your local businesses to use fairly traded chocolate, to pressure the multi-nationals and to petition our policy makers to eradicate. Here are some ways you can get involved:

* Buy fair trade or fairly traded chocolate. Vote with your dollar. Send a message to your retailers, to chocolate companies, to your friends and family. Start by making the change with you. Click here for a list of fair trade and fairly traded chocolate products.

* Tell your favorite co-op, grocery store, bakery, restaurant, coffee shop, company that you want your chocolate free of abusive child labor and all forced labor. Let your retailers know that you will support them if they use and supply chocolate produced while respecting international labor rights.

* Spread the word. Share this information with friends and family. Chocolate is a luxury, not an essential food. We don’t need to consume a product produced with the sweat and blood of children. Challenge everyone you meet to support only companies that are committed to producing “Child Slave Free” chocolate. Hersey and Mars bars may be cheap to buy but, in return, there is a high price others pay.

* Sign the 10 Campaign and share it! Go to and join the international effort to pressure the chocolate companies to finally fulfill the promise they made over 10 years ago. With enough international pressure, we can stop the exploitation of children for our chocolate pleasures.

* Host a screening of the “Dark Side of Chocolate”, a behind the scenes documentary by Miki Mistrati and U Roberto Romano, in your home, at your house of worship or local community center. Serve fair trade chocolate and share the 10 Campaign and other info with them. This documentary is available free on line so anyone with a computer can view this powerful piece of investigative journalism.

* Bake your next birthday cake or bake sale items with fair trade chocolate and label it. Let people know why it’s important to you.

* Ask your local PTO, Girl or Boy Scouts, Sports Team, or other child related organization that does fund raising to only sell products that contain fair trade or fairly traded chocolate.

* Invite a Fair Trade Burlington Network organizer to speak at your community center, house of worship or school. We love to come share our knowledge and our passion for a world where all trade is fair.

* Volunteer and become a part of the Fair Trade Burlington Network. Become a leader in your community in educating people about the problems in our current trade system and what we can do to change it.

Be part of this movement with us! Contact us today to get involved:

Sandy Wynne –
Gaby Brenneman –
Melinda Haselton –
Therese Forsyth  –

Stay up to date on the Cocoa Campaign via:

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