Cocoa Campaign: Retailer Action

We need you to be leaders in the fight against child slave labor in the cocoa industry too! If you create the demand, governments and suppliers will have to shape up. It is unacceptable to purchase chocolate with children in its supply chain.

* Choose different suppliers by looking through our resources for retailers and bakers. Collaborate with others and see what you can do to get your suppliers to find child free chocolate sources.

*Promote fair trade in your store or business. Educate your consumers and employees about fair trade. Encourage them to spread the word. Network with other ethical store owners/managers, join together and promote one another. Ask the Fair Trade Burlington Network to help!

* Sign the 10 Campaign ( and share it by posting it on your social media outlets. Keep a hard copy on the counter in your store.

* Host a screening of the Dark Side of Chocolate after business hours at your store or business, or perhaps at your house of worship or local community center. Serve fair trade chocolate and share the 10 Campaign with the viewers.

* Invite a Fair Trade Burlington Network organizer to speak at your business, store, community center, house of worship or school. We love to come share our knowledge and our passion for a world where all trade is fair.

* Volunteer and become a part of the Fair Trade Burlington Network. Become a leader in your community in educating people about the problems in our current trade system and what we can do to change it. Promote your business by walking the walk!

Be part of this movement with us! Contact us today to get involved:

Sandy Wynne –
Gaby Brenneman –
Melinda Haselton –
Therese Forsyth  –

Stay up to date on the Cocoa Campaign via:

Our Blog



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